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I have been in my home for almost a year, I have some dripping sound coming from the plumbing, doors that will not close, nails protruding though the ceiling , a counter top that shifts often, and Bruce of J.K.Smith builders, Cayce, S.C tells me he is frustrated with me.

Some earlier issues have been resolved, but those listed have now become my financial burden. Before I bought my house, against the advice of the builder, saying it was unnecessary, I had my own inspection done. my inspector said it was a well built house with a few minor issues. There was no seal around the doors leading to the deck, after a not so pleasant conversation with the builder it was resolved...

I thought. Within a few months of moving in I noticed water on the floor in the kitchen after raining, Bruce came out and stated that he would seal the door properly he did.

I noticed there was a moderate black moist area under the vinyl Bruce said it was not mold but I thought that it was, he had his vinyl guy clean it and put new vinyl over the old.Before you buy have your own inspector and don't be intimidated.

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I am a licensed real estate agent, and Bruce Smith of JK Smith has built many houses for my clients.They have ALL been satisfied.

Bruce builds a quality home as indicated even by the inspector of the "pissed consumer" above. As with any business or services rendered to the public, there will always be those who are dissatisfied with one thing or the other.

Most new homeowners do not realize that with ANY new home there will be some kind of issues; those you speak of are minor.Hopefully you will move on and enjoy your home for years to come!!!!

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